Dan’s Online Diary 

# 13.1.04 by Dan
Today, the 13th of January, marks the first anniversary of this blog.

I am amazed that it got this far - I'm the worst person I know when it comes to sticking with things.

Shout outs
Everyone, say 'Hi!' to Rachel. She has an excellent blog, and some mad designering skillz.

Take a peek also at the work of banksy. It really is art.

Ginger Beer
The second batch of ginger beer is brewing - I'd like to have a bottle label designed by the time they are ready - the permanant marker just doesn't cut it.
Alana - when do you leave? I might have another bottle ready for you before you go.

Marriage should not be considered in the light of yourself. So scrap the pre-nuptial agreements and any other thing that 'safeguards' your own interests.
Marriage is a willing commitment to another person, at whatever the cost to oneself - as in the example of Christ giving Himself up for the church.
But marriage is more than that. Marriage is a willing commitment to society. Marriage is the creation of a new family - another brick in the foundation of society. Marriage is a commitment to family - to extended family - to your immediate neighbourhood - your parish - your city - your state - your country - and ultimately mankind. As in the example of Christ giving Himself up for the church.
Its a big thing, people, and its not about you.

Well, thanks for sharing my thoughts over the last year. Lets hope there are many more yet to come.