Dan’s Online Diary 

# 9.1.04 by Dan
...its been a while.

I've been off, sunning it up in Papamoa, surfing it up at Papamoa, shopping it up at Papamoa, eating it up at Papamoa, sleeping it off at Papamoa and plenty of other things all at - you guessed it - Papamoa.

Prior to that I got some body-boarding hours logged up at Tauwharanui. Arguable the best beach evor.
The rash-shirt stops me from getting a tan wherever the shirt doesn't not cover. Oh well.

Also had a stag-night (bucks' night, if you're an Aussie) somewhere in there. Played paintball - I took minimal hits, but dealt out an impressive amount of severe punishment. (impressive = I impressed myself)
Good welts were had by all.

Thats lots of stuff. Now I have to go rip some of my CDs to mp3 and make up a playlist for Julie and Graham's wedding reception tomorrow night.
It is seriously detestible that you might even consider the fact that I may be downloading some of the music illegally from the internet.
You all disgust me.
Yes, even you!