Dan’s Online Diary 

# 16.2.04 by Dan
I have a PXT fone now, and since PXTs are free until the end of March, I have decided to offer you all the following free service:
  • Leave a comment in this blog with an image request, and I'll send you a photo of anything you want.
Conditions of free offer:
  1. Image requests must be accompanied by a valid email address.
  2. I reserve the right to refuse inappropriate requests at my discretion - However, I shall endeavour to provide a suitable reason for refusal of inappropriate requests.
  3. I will not risk financial loss or personal injury in obtaining of your requested image, unless, of course, suitable compensation is proffered.
  4. No whinging about the poor quality of my phone camera.
  5. Any other condition I haven't thought of yet.

As much as it goes against everything I believe and hold dear, I took an online quiz today to determine what 90's subculture I best belong(ed) to.
Chud was right.
I am indie.
Online quizes are so not indie, so obviously I'm not too hardcore.

[I had initially posted the stupid graphic that came with the quiz - but it looked ill, so I ditched it. Sorry.]

Edit 17.02.04 : link to quiz here.