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# 18.2.04 by Dan
Last day of work on Friday. Apprehensive Yay!

I was having a think over my breakfast of eggs( I love you, Michelle) this morning. Punctuated by febble attempts to remove the kitten from the potplant, my thinking efforts brought me to a semi-conclusive realisation : Folks, our lives are not our own.
If our lives were our own, we would be truly happy to live our entire life without any interaction with others.
If our lives were our own, we would have control over our lives. But we die in car accidents, we get cancer, we become alcoholics, and we cannot determine where we go once our lives are over.
Our lives belong to everone else, but us. Our living does nothing for ourselves, since by living purely for ourselves, we cannot create any benefit at all.
We live only for others. Only in service do our efforts bear any real fruit. Only in aiding others can we advance together.
So, in not living for ourselves, some of us live for Christ. Paul says that "...to live is Christ and to die is gain". There you see both a purpose and an outcome, a reason for living, and a reason for dying - reason not under our control, but under/as/in Christ.
We live for Christ, and as Christ, our life is to serve. To serve Christ through personal worship, and through the service of others. Serving as need is found, be the need physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Any efforts of self-service should only be for the outcome of being able to serve others more effectively.

I hope some of that made sense. I have no idea what was in those eggs.

We have one lucky recipient of a free photo so far (see semi-permanent link to your right for details of offer).
Congratulations Alana!!
The request for a photo of my phone may yet be refused, as it would involve using either a camera that is not my phone camera, or an elaborate arrangement of mirrors.