Dan’s Online Diary 

# 4.3.04 by Dan
An article in our local community newspaper, the Manukau Courier, made my day : the Papatoetoe Community Board is reintroducing the Papatoetoe service medal.
The Papatoetoe City Council was amalgamated with Manukau in 1989, making the medal somewhat obselete, but the Papatoetoe Community Board have found the original design for the medal, and are going to remake the as per the original and award them as recognition for outstanding community service.
I think the move to reintroduce this award is great; we need to recognise those in who make and effort to improve our communities. Down with that ridiculous 'tall poppy syndrome' (or whatever you want to call it) that plagues our post-modernised society, and up with personal responisibilty, and recognition of community service.
Why don't each of the other Community Boards in our city do the same? And if some of them already do, why is the fact not more widely acknowledged?

Corina Huber (my wife's sister) and Martin Eldershaw are getting married on Saturday. We've just been down at the church setting things up - rehearsal is tonight.