Dan’s Online Diary 

# 22.3.04 by Dan
I have a plan. Be it foolish or not, I am yet to determine.
I now know of several people/organisations who have, or would like to have a website. I myself would like to have a server for testing and implementing stuff, such as my blog, and other things.
Hosting with support for PHP and mySQL and so forth is not cheap, and you're putting your stuff on someone elses server, which doesn't allow for quite as much flexability as one would like.
So, I'd like to get myself a permanent connection to the internet with a fixed IP address, that I might host my own stuff. Hosting of other peoples stuff would be required in order to pay for the connection, but that would only give me more experience, and a bigger portfolio.
So that is my plan.

Hands up who's read Orwell's 1984?