Dan’s Online Diary 

# 11.3.04 by Dan
... its, like, Thursday, and I've not posted since, like, Monday! <checks temperature>

The Trade and Exchange have upgraded their website just today.

I've learnt that if you're searching really hard for something on the interweb, try searching for a misspelling of the thing you're searching for. For example, if you're looking for Minox cameras in the Trade and Exchange or on trademe.co.nz, having searched for 'minox', it often pays to search also for 'minnox'.

I've nearly accidently bought two cameras this week. I was bidding for them on trademe.co.nz and I nearly won. I was outbid for yesterday's Olympus XA with A11 flash in just the last ten minutes of the auction, which was a relief. I mean, I would have loved the camera, but I just don't have the spare pingers, since I be, like, studying, and the mortgage has us in, like, a death grip.

Studying at home is distracting, especially when there is food, classic car magazines, a classic car, and a playful kitten.

I'm downloading the free version of Borland JBuilder X, so I can scribble me some apps.

Two people went away via aeroplane for ten days on Sunday, and then someone went home via aeroplane to the other side of the world on Tuesday, and then some people went to Hawaii via aeroplane for ten days this morning, and then someone else is going home via aeroplane to the other side of the world this afternoon.
There is a lot of sky flying going on.

Oh, and don't forget, I will still send you free photos of whatever you want!

So, whats up with all you chaps and chapesses?