Dan’s Online Diary 

# 29.4.04 by Dan
I have a number of things I'd like to say this morning, so as I get started, I think I'll get the most immediate and pressing issue out of the way first:

1. Whether its supposed to or not, Coldplay's 'The Scientist' nearly always brings tears to my eyes. Even more so if I am able to sing along. What this means to me is yet to be discovered. It could mean that it is a good song. It could also mean that I am a cry-baby wuss.

2. The Civil Unions/Omnibus Bills. A group of 40 of us met last night with Bernie Ogilvy - a United Future Member of Parliament - to discuss the implications of the aforementioned bills.
Ladies and gentlemen - these bills will tear apart the core of our society. The Civil Unions bill in itself is almost innocuous - i provides for the civil recognition of same-sex partnerships by means of registration. The sting is in the Omnibus Bill, which will erase any reference to 'marriage' from all existing legislation.
According to the 2001 census information, there were only 5000 odd same-sex partnerships. Only 1053 of these couples had dependant children (ie: are 'families'). Why is the government pandering to the wishes of such a minority? There are not as many homosexuals in this country as they would have you believe. There are far more bible-believing Chirstians than there are homosexuals, so it cannot be an issue of getting votes.
I think it comes down to the fact that they're experimenting. Other countries have civil unions acts to register same-sex relationships, but their legislation still prevents same-sex couples from adopting or receiving fertility treatment.
Its all in the name of 'pioneering' and 'progess'. If they were concentrating on the key roles of government (Justice and Defence) then they wouldn't have the time or resources for meddling around with families, education, health and other issues where they have no business interfering.
The homosexuals are organised and militant in their lobbying - whilst mainstream New Zealanders, Christians included, sit apathetic and oblivious to the political and social issues that this country is facing. The marriage relationship (ie: a male man and female wife living together in the covenant of marriage) has been internationally proven time and time again to be the most stable environment for the positive growth of children and hence the foundation for this country's next generation. New Zealanders need to confront the government with this - ask them why their legislation flies in the face of time-tested facts. Write letters to your MP - try and get them to answer your questions - confront them with facts. They must not be allowed to be controlled by a militant minority. Take the power back.

3. Daniel McC - a seriously decent chap, by-the-way - raises the issue of youth and their lack of appreciation of music.
This lack extends to almost every other area of youth life, and does not seem to be fulfilled until they are of a maturity that is able to recognise that they're simply hyper-consumers, at the complete mercy of very powerful marketing campaigns.
Music is one - if its not on the charts anymore, its crap.
Food is another - Starbucks is crap, and there are plenty of other coffee-houses that produce a far superior brew. But Starbucks is 'cool'.
Alchohol is another - when would a youth take a good bottle of merlot to a party and actually drink it to appreciate it? Its all about buying the most of the cheapest and drinking it all until you fall over.
Clothing - is so much more than the label. If you can be bothered to use your own creativity, you could create a very styleful ensemble from second-hand store clothing that would kick a label-basher's behind.
Of course, these are exaggerated generalisations, and I'm in a whiny mood, but that doesn't mean that our youth aren't in the increasingly powerful grip of marketing campaigns that have no consideration whatsoever for the well-being of their target market.

4. Today is hair-cut day. Just a trim, however. Michelle is liking it long, and so do I, so its just a tidy-up and an injection of some form of style.

Well, thats my rant - now I suppose I'd better get out of my chair and go and do something about it all.