Dan’s Online Diary 

# 6.5.04 by Dan
There has been expressed a renewed interest in the running of a Counter-Strike LAN party.

You would be required to supply your own PC. However, I know of at least one person who has a spare PC that they may be willing to bring along also. Remember - the more, the merrier.
It is strongly advised that your PC have Counter-Strike already installed and patched up to current prior to the LAN party. I would presume that we'd be using version 1.5, not 1.6.
The latest Half-Life and Counter-Strike patches are here.

You will also be expected to bring your own:
  • Keyboard, monitor & mouse
  • Network adapter
  • Ethernet patch cable
  • PC power cable
  • Headphones
Please label any gear that you bring.
If you do not have any of the above, please ask as a comment to this post if anyone else is able to lend you anything you need.

It will be assumed that the highest spec'd PC on the day will act as the server. If this is not to your liking, please supply me with a spare PC at least one week prior to the event, and I'll set it up as a dedicated server (Linux, if poss.)

Possible venues, pending authorisation:
  • GTC
  • Covenant
  • Muffy's garage

Equipment yet to be procured:
  • Tables
  • x-way power distribution boards
  • Extension leads
  • Network switch(es)

If you are able to supply any of the above, please let us know via the comments. Items will be removed from the above list once they have been sourced.

A Saturday would be the prefered day - please suggest suitable dates.