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# 12.5.04 by Dan
I have a few things to say about hard work; its funny how certain things become more prevalent at certain periods in one's life.

Manual Labour
On Saturday morning, I shoveled nearly a cubic metre of soil, to fill the hole where our sewer pipe was repaired. I also cut down a significant number of large weeds that had been quietly working on world domination behind our garage.
On Saturday afternoon, I spent two hours chopping wood.
I thoroughly enjoyed all these activities, and I felt mournful for the days where we (not me, but mankind in general) lived by our own literal blood, sweat and tears. None of this ridiculous 'sitting behind a desk' to earn a crust.
This lead me to reflect on the amiss, not that I know too much about them, but I developed a new respect and appreciation for their lifestyle. I even considered drawing up 'The Neo-Amish Manifesto'.
Was this new-found joy simply due to the fact that I've spent so much time sitting around on my butt?

Academic Study
At the other end of the spectrum is the desk-confined work I was lamenting above. As many of you may know, I have gone back to tech to finish my engineering degree this semester. The study is going very well, and I am amazed at how my attitude has changed for having spent three years in the workforce. I have to say, it is so much easier to work harder. It is also very enjoyable.

Having found joy at both ends of the spectrum, I have come to believe that I am a different person to the man I was even just four years ago. This being the case, I find it difficult to describe exactly what has happened. It may simply be a 'growing up'. I wish I could impart this to others, as I see there are many for whom work - both physical and academic - is dreary, boring, drudgery.
I pray for this enthusiasm to last, at least until I have finished studying and have found a new job, but I'd really love for it to continue indefinitely.

What really put the icing on the cake, that last Saturday after my day of labour, was that I arrived home and my darling wife presented me with a cold beer. Beer is a luxury I have foregone these last few months, since we've been down to one income, so I was sincerely appreciative.
Small things do matter. Without freshly turned soil, freshly cut weeds, freshly split macrocarpa, freshly cool Heineken, and a beautiful wife, my Saturday would have been nothing.

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