Dan’s Online Diary 

# 24.5.04 by Dan
Saturday was another great time of woodchopping, and subsequent dutch beer enjoyment. There were Nick, Kynan, Sam, Hamish and myself on axe/splitter, Malcolm on chainsaw, and Scotty, Jono C and Mark on car-and-trailer. A delightful ensemble that brought forth a most excellent production and distribution of lovely firewood.
Even after all that, I managed to summon up enough energy to conjure up a delicious chocolate cake for the evening's bible-study/supper. All in all, a most productive Saturday.
The study was great, focussing on the relationship between our relationship with God and our relationship with other members of the body of Christ. Our relationship with God enhances our relationship with others, and vice-versa.

Sunday was good -- we had the opportunity to stand up before our fellow siblings in Christ and announce that we were expecting a child. There was great rejoicing. We've been using the drum kit in the praise time for the last two weeks - it really does enhance the music.

Overall, a most great weekend.
How was your weekend?