Dan’s Online Diary 

# 2.7.04 by Dan
If you've seen the Beastie Boys latest album, 'To The 5 Boroughs', you'll recognise at least part of Matteo Pericoli's pen-and-ink sketch of the Manhattan skyline.
Despite the fact it is really cool, this work is seriously impressive. Go to his site [chur, jason] and check out the work in its entirety. It is most long and its rhymin' and stealin'.

And yay - the browser wars are back (I was going to post links to an assortment of articles, but you're all big kids now, and if google doesn't have possibly the simplest user interface in the world, that means the terrorists have already won).
I've been a sold Mozilla Firefox user for quite some time now. IE have really been left behind. For myself, as a web developer, correct rendering of pages according to the W3C's standards is paramount. Its a bonus that Firefox is also smaller, faster, has cool tabs, blocks popups, has nifty extensions for enhancing and extending its functionality and so much more of the good stuff and so much less of the bad stuff.
Making the transition from IE to Firefox is nowhere near as traumatising as IE proponents would have you think - you'll be won over within the hour.
And to top it off, the last few releases of Firefox have had codenames named after Auckland suburbs - Three Kings, Royal Oak, One Tree Hill, Greenlane - I understand there is a Kiwi on the development team.
So, you stuck-in-the-mud IE users, Kill Bill and start using Firefox today. You'll thank me for it.