Dan’s Online Diary 

# 23.9.04 by Dan
I'm not usually one to drop names, mostly because I don't usually have any to drop. But yesterday found me sharing an afternoon and a beer with none other than Ben Goodger, the lead developer on the Mozilla Firefox project.

Ben was in Auckland on a visit, and graciously responded to our invitation to come and speak to us to, firstly, answer a few questions from us as to where Firefox was going,and secondly, have a more detailed chat about Firefox and XUL with respect to our particular use of it here at work.

Ben is a great guy who shares my love of cars in general, and Nissans in particular.
I must admit that I felt bad for popping the 'Is there any foundation to the Mozilla/Google collaboration rumour?' question.

Firefox is an excellent product, with a feature set that exceeds its those of its competitors, and has contributed to, and is taking advantage of the the fact that Microsoft's Internet Explorer has taken a drop in browser market share for the first time ever since its release.
Expect to see a lot more from Firefox and Thunderbird in the future.

In other news, I have a BMX. My blog looks different, if not better. Both the template and the CSS are a mess and the whole thing needs to be rehashed. I'm thinking of starting up a new 'blog', of sorts, over at twoseven with a web design flavour, since that is what I do.
...and now on to the weather: trademe is hot. You are all cool. Peace out. (Did I really just say 'Peace out'?? blechk!!!)