Dan’s Online Diary 

# 15.9.04 by Dan
It never rains, it pours.

Blessing, that is.
In search of work, I have committed more time than before to prayer. And God, full of goodness and mercy as He is, has provided not just a job, but potentially a choice of jobs. Last Wednesday I was interviewed for an entry-level software development position, and felt the interview went really well. More details will develop this Friday.
However, in the meantime, Monday evening found me answering a call from tvnz, asking me if I could take a three week contract starting tomorrow (yesterday(Tuesday)). I took it, and yesterday(Tuesday) at work, they asked me if I'd like a six month contract!
I'm yet to get back to them - I told them I'd sleep on it - but I think I'll take it, and pass up the other job, even if it is available to me.

Its like God says 'Here is a cool job for you', and then after a wee while He says 'But wait, here's an even more cooler job for you'. Only He would use correct grammar.
Blessings abound, with babies(just one) and jobs(maybe two).

It is all so so cool.

PS: A post of note for you Scotty.
PPS: Allan - is that BMX still for sale?