Dan’s Online Diary 

# 1.10.04 by Dan
A list of stuff:
  • I like the city. Even when it is raining and buses run red lights, and the traffic is heavy. It is cool.
  • The new Apple iMac G5 is hot!
  • Cooked breakfasts are/were yum.
  • Making fat stuff faster and skinnier is tricky.
  • I have marveled at the fact that my home PC hasn't had a virus, despite the fact that we have no antivirus software and I do spend a lot of time on the internet. But I have recently figured out why it has not been infected. There isn't enough room left on my hard-drive for a virus.
  • Cars are wonderful things. Partiularly ones with powerful internal combustion engines. But I'm not ashamed of my green side. Which is why I think the new Toyota Prius is cool. And I think nuclear power is cool too. Rod Donald doesn't. He doesn't know why he doesn't either - he just doesn't.