Dan’s Online Diary 

# 21.10.04 by Dan
Sometimes (often) I find it too difficult (I'm too lazy) to think of the right word(s) to say in a given situation. So usually my spoken sentences come out like this: "Hey, you know the bit of stuff that goes in between the two things?", or "Remember that guy with the thing from the place?".
Other people struggle with this too, I know.
But it is surprising that more often than not, people actually know what you're talking about.
It is similar to the phenomenon where you can rearrange all letters except the first and last in each word of a sentence and it is still readable/understandable.
Our minds fill in the gaps, or join the dots, so to speak.

I guess this leads to the degradation of language, where words lose their specificity and their distinct meanings are genericised such that the more appropriate word for the given use is eventually dropped from one's vocabulary.
This is illustrated in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, with the introduction of Newspeak.

But this is actually happening.
We have to take our language back; fight the urge to settle for generalised words; use a dictionary and/or thesaurus; correct those who commit literary and linguistic offences.
Well - I've set myself a challenge, and I expect you to hold me to account.