Dan’s Online Diary 

# 19.10.04 by Dan
Last night, I didn't get to sleep at all (name the year and the artist).
Not sure why. Was up and down and stuff.

Auckland public transport is a farce. With Michelle in her last week of work, I'm looking for an alternative means of transport to work.
I have a BMX, which would be perfect for getting from home to the train, from the train to work and vice versa. But no, no bikes allowed on the train before 9am and between 4pm and 6pm. So so stoopid. And even outside of those times, bikes cost an extra $1.
I also have a road bike, but 30kms each way is just a bit much.

With a baby on the way, and an elderly Nissan Skyline that won't fit a baby buggy in the boot, a new car is in order.
My list of preferred vehicles is as follows:
  • Toyota Caldina
  • Toyota Carib/Corolla wagon
  • Nissan Primera wagon
  • Mazda Capella/626 wagon
My preferred means of purchase would be at auction, but there I've found that the Toyotas are not so common. Swiftness and decisiveness.

...then there was the architect who had an unhealthy obsession with designing complicated shopping malls.
The psychiatrist told him he had a complex complex complex.