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# 8.11.04 by Dan

Toby - asleep
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Toby is pretty much domininating my posting right now.

He is such a good kid. I love him so much. He is a little jaudiced, as he was three weeks early, and that has made him a little sleepier. He should come right in a few weeks, with regular feeds and some good sunlight on his skin.
He is really well behaved, and only cries when you'd expect him to - dirty nappies, hungry, wind, etc.

Michelle is doing well and is getting plenty of sleep in between feeding Toby.

I'm kind floating on air right now. Everywhere I go I feel so proud - not in an arrogant, cocky kinda way, but in more of a responsible, blessed fashion.

Well... Bush won the US presidency. He won by a greater margin than he did 4 years ago. It seems to me as if the silent majority spoke up.