Dan’s Online Diary 

# 13.11.04 by Dan
The Netguide Web Awards were last night.
tvnz.co.nz was nominated for four categories, but didn't take an award. Which is possibly fair enough.
What wasn't fair enough was xtramsn.co.nz winning the 'Best new Web site or relaunch' category. It isn't a new website, and simply making a new front page does not constitute a re-launch.
I personally think that the tvnz.co.nz new site/relaunch should have won if only judged on the sheer scale of the project. A massive site having undergone massive change (from nzoom.com to tvnz.co.nz).
But personally I love the metservice.co.nz site. Beautifully designed with a great user interface, heaps of information, and it performs well.

No question about the winner of the 'Best Personal Blog' category. I had only recently discovered bizgirl, but she writes extremely well. I guess being a librarian helps. You have to read it.

In other news, my blog looks better.
Removing many of the margins makes it look simpler, cleaner and less busy.
Moving the linkbar to the left kinda consolidates the page a little better. Making the post title backgrounds red ties the most recent post to the page title banner, making the post title more prominent
Justifying the post text makes it easier to read.

I trust you will enjoy your visits all the more.