Dan’s Online Diary 

# 26.3.05 by Dan

Easter it is, already.

There is no point in telling you I haven't posted for quite some time now; I must apologise to those of you who visit regularly only to be disappointed.

I don't really have an excuse. I guess I'm just a slacker. I'll try and write more.

Toby is so cool. I must get some more photos of him online. He has a Jolly Jumper - one of those bouncy things than hang in a doorframe. He just loves it and can bounce for ages. Sometimes we've left him to bounce and then wonder why everything has gone quiet. We then find that he has fallen asleep in the Jumper, with his little dribbly chin resting on his chest - such a cute boy!

I'm getting another Alfa. It's for parts - $40 for the whole car! I hoping to go pick it up today, but that depends on the availabilty of trailers and tow-cars.

Well, better get busy. Catch you all later!