Dan’s Online Diary 

# 19.9.05 by Dan

Labour won.

And they didn't lose any support. They are just as powerful as they were last election, if not stronger.

Just 40 people voted for CHNZ in Manurewa and 323 voted for Destiny. That is a joke.

To put this in perspective, CHNZ received 509 party votes in the 2002 election. The 2005 CHNZ and DNZ party votes combined still don't add up to last election's support for CHNZ.

What happened?

For those who may have once voted CHNZ, but instead voted National (or otherwise) in the hopes of ousting Labour, your gamble didn't pay off, your vote was wasted. National is no better off for having your vote.

I guess we get what we deserve. This coming term will see a concerted effort by Labour to introduce anti-smacking legislation, hate-speech legislation, possible moves to allow euthanasia. We'll suffer the continuing decline in police performance and public confidence in the justice system as a whole. We'll see more CYFS kidnappings, more child abuse. We'll pay more tax. We'll see lack of electricity production cause crippling power outages, as the Greens block any move to build needed powerplants, and as Labour blindly clings to its anti-nuclear policy. We'll see our education system drown in it's own pool of political correctness.

I could go on and on.

This next term would be a difficult one for any government - we've been blessed with a good economy, and solid employment opportunities. But I believe this will change - we had our 'season in the sun', and Labour's continuing culture of fat bureaucracy will inefficiently consume our tax money - sucking the country dry.

What now can we do?