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# 27.2.04 by Dan
I swapped some papers at tech.
I was taking 'Operating Systems and 'Communication Systems', but have dropped 'Communication Systems' to take 'Distributed Computing', which is way way cooler.
Now, as it happens, I have the same lecturer for both papers, and that same lecturer, seemingly coincidently, also happens to be my supervisor for my Engineering Research Project.
Spooky or no?

Oh, and Textpattern looks good.

Anyway, enough about me - how are all you guys(and gals)?

# 26.2.04 by Dan
I have been a) busy at 'tech, and b) without a PC.

I now have a partly new PC.

I'm loving the free PXTness. You should be loving it, too.

# 21.2.04 by Dan
Yesterday was scary.
I wiped my PC, cleared my desk, drank my last free espresso, and got a year older. I said goodbye to some good people, who I may never see again. I am now unemployed.

It feels unbelievably good to randomly help strangers.

# 19.2.04 by Dan
Points of note:
  1. Tomorrow will be my last day at work. I've spent four years as Lotus Notes administrator - the last three years here in my current position.
  2. I'm going to spend the next semester completing my studies to finally graduate with a Bachelor of Engineering(Electronics and Computer Engineering). It may be worth noting that I began these studies nine years ago. Or maybe you should just forget you read that.
  3. Michelle and I recently celebrated four years of marriage.
  4. In a couple of weeks we will have been homeowners(co-owners with the bank) for twelve months
  5. Michelle got me a kitten(added responsibilty and tested patience) for my...
  6. ...birthday tomorrow. I will reach 27 years of age. I feel I should have accomplished more.
I think I've been a geek for long enough. I feel I have elevated myself to a satifactory level of technical expertise, which I should be able to maintain in a hobby-like fashion without any terrific effort.
I am almost tempted to do something completely different once I finish my course. When I was younger, and as I grew up, I always wanted to be an architect. In architecture, I see the ideal blend of all things that excite me: technology, creativity, class, art, innovation, necessity, self-expression, social/environmental awareness and so on and so forth.
This would require another four or five years of study - a starting-from-scratchness that is particularly daunting for my 27-year-old, home-owning self.

But really, I have no idea where to go next.

# 18.2.04 by Dan
Last day of work on Friday. Apprehensive Yay!

I was having a think over my breakfast of eggs( I love you, Michelle) this morning. Punctuated by febble attempts to remove the kitten from the potplant, my thinking efforts brought me to a semi-conclusive realisation : Folks, our lives are not our own.
If our lives were our own, we would be truly happy to live our entire life without any interaction with others.
If our lives were our own, we would have control over our lives. But we die in car accidents, we get cancer, we become alcoholics, and we cannot determine where we go once our lives are over.
Our lives belong to everone else, but us. Our living does nothing for ourselves, since by living purely for ourselves, we cannot create any benefit at all.
We live only for others. Only in service do our efforts bear any real fruit. Only in aiding others can we advance together.
So, in not living for ourselves, some of us live for Christ. Paul says that "...to live is Christ and to die is gain". There you see both a purpose and an outcome, a reason for living, and a reason for dying - reason not under our control, but under/as/in Christ.
We live for Christ, and as Christ, our life is to serve. To serve Christ through personal worship, and through the service of others. Serving as need is found, be the need physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Any efforts of self-service should only be for the outcome of being able to serve others more effectively.

I hope some of that made sense. I have no idea what was in those eggs.

We have one lucky recipient of a free photo so far (see semi-permanent link to your right for details of offer).
Congratulations Alana!!
The request for a photo of my phone may yet be refused, as it would involve using either a camera that is not my phone camera, or an elaborate arrangement of mirrors.

# 16.2.04 by Dan
I have a PXT fone now, and since PXTs are free until the end of March, I have decided to offer you all the following free service:
  • Leave a comment in this blog with an image request, and I'll send you a photo of anything you want.
Conditions of free offer:
  1. Image requests must be accompanied by a valid email address.
  2. I reserve the right to refuse inappropriate requests at my discretion - However, I shall endeavour to provide a suitable reason for refusal of inappropriate requests.
  3. I will not risk financial loss or personal injury in obtaining of your requested image, unless, of course, suitable compensation is proffered.
  4. No whinging about the poor quality of my phone camera.
  5. Any other condition I haven't thought of yet.

As much as it goes against everything I believe and hold dear, I took an online quiz today to determine what 90's subculture I best belong(ed) to.
Chud was right.
I am indie.
Online quizes are so not indie, so obviously I'm not too hardcore.

[I had initially posted the stupid graphic that came with the quiz - but it looked ill, so I ditched it. Sorry.]

Edit 17.02.04 : link to quiz here.

# 13.2.04 by Dan
My hair is long enough that I can now see it out of the corner of my eyes.

# 10.2.04 by Dan
I have decided I need to learn more about just about everything.

Metaphorical.net has a unique interface. Check it out.

Check out the Dirkon downloadable camera.

# 9.2.04 by Dan
My last day in my current job is Friday 20 February, which is also my birthday, coincidentally. Then its back to study for a semester to complete my Bachelor of Engineering.

In other news, A List Apart has published its latest issue recently.

# 6.2.04 by Dan
Old cameras are so cool - I have been traipsing around eBay, and there is so much cool stuff.
I mean, just look at these old Canons. Aren't they simply beautiful?

# 4.2.04 by Dan
The one thing I would really like for my birthday, would be a Lomo LC-A.
You must also see here. An absolutely brilliant site of unspeakably wonder. I've fallen in love.

Oh, and to add to the sheer coolness of things, I have just received an email from the editor of Webster's Online Dictionary asking for permission to use some of my photos in their publication.

# 3.2.04 by Dan
A group of British schoolchildren were asked what they thought of some good old classic rock.
Here are their thoughts.[via Jason Kottke]

This Sunday afternoon we have a 30th birthday, a 30th wedding anniversary, an 80th birthday, a triathalon, and something else that I can't remember. We simply can't do everything.

It is only because of the laws of physics(optics) that we need two eyes to perceive depth. These laws cannot be changed, so we're stuck with two eyes.
Its very difficult to think outside this concept, as I discovered in an argument/debate this morning with my fellow commuters. At its height, the discussion consisted of statements such as '...now if we were made of superglue, and the earth was made of cheese...'.
But seriously, we simply cannot imagine anything beyond what we know when it comes to reality such as this.
Or maybe I just haven't interacted with enough hallucinogenic substances.