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# 30.7.04 by Dan
Hear, hear! Mr Tamihere speaking to St Peter's College last night.

And Michael Moore is giving us the big ups for our stand against the US over the invasion of Iraq. Not surprising really.

# 28.7.04 by Dan
Everything is meaningless.
I bought some shampoo yesterday. Alberto VO5 Advanced Volume Boost. I've used the previous version of this product before - my hair is rather straight and fine, so it needs a bit of a boost.
A closer inspection of the packaging reveals that 'tests show that combined use of VO5 shampoo and conditioner leaves your hair twice as shiny, twice and strong and 3 times more manageable with 24 hour moisture protection'.
Twice as shiny as what? A mirror? The top of a bald man's head? What if I had been using the equivalent product of another brand - would it still make my hair twice as shiny?
Twice as strong as what? Piano wire?
Three times more managable that what? A first-division soccer team? A herd of cats?
As I've quite probably mentioned at least once before, my cynicism alarm goes to full alert as soon as I read 'tests show...' or 'studies show...' or 'statistics prove...'.
Some people out there must think that most other people are really stupid.

I'm happy to say that I am pleased with the performance of my shampoo, but why the irrelevant, ambiguous packaging? It just makes them look dumb.

Some people need a job. Daniel needs a job.
If you have a job for me - please let me know.

# 22.7.04 by Dan
The title of this post really is misleading, as I am actually intending to draw attention to the fact that there has been a distinct lack of cool stuff on this blog. So much cool stuff has been happening outside this blog, and yet somehow, this blog (and by association, its readers (that means you!)) has not been party to this cool stuff. So, here follows a short summary of extrablogial cool stuff:
  • Michelle's pregnancy is going well - the 20 week scan shows that our child has all his/her arms, legs, fingers and toes, and thathis/her internal organs are all present and accounted for. I can place my hand on Michelle's belly and feel the kicks, and I already love our child so much.
  • My final marks for the two papers I sat this semester were an 'A-' and a 'B'. Now why couldn't I have got marks like that when I furst started? I'm still awaiting the final result of my research project.
  • The two week contract I took at tvnz is now in its 6th week, and there is at least one more week of work, with the possibility of more permanent employment, pending discussion with my boss.
Things are going great, and I wish to attribute this to the grace, mercy and providence of the Lord. He is so faithful. I pray that you too might experience His blessing and favour. As an aside, these are incredibly cute, original, and so much fun!

# 16.7.04 by Dan
I had written, and saved as a draft, a big long post about the cover of Bill Clinton's autobiography, 'My Life', which has been out for a few weeks now. But then I realised that what I had written wasn't important enough to warrant quite so many words. I have not read the book, so I cannot make any comment on its content, but rather, I'd like to comment on the cover, so this is what I have to say in a nutshell: One big photo of Bill. One randomly chosen as-vanilla-as-they-come serif font. One font size. One color. Thats it. No style, no flair, no creativity, no class, nothing. It is as simple as it could be but yet its even simpler. I know the old adage 'You can't tell a book by its cover', so I sincerely hope that the cover is not a reflection of the content. But then again, I don't really care, because its highly likely I'll never read it.

# 14.7.04 by Dan
I'd seen people auctioning off Gmail invites on eBay, and thought - why can't I do that? So I put one up on trademe.
The administrators canceled my auction and gave me a warning, claiming that my auction was in breach of their terms and conditions. I had a look at the Terms and Conditions and couldn't work out how my auction was in breach of them, but decided it best not to argue. Ah well - I still have one Gmail invite if anyone wants it. First in, best dressed, or whatever.

Take care and have a great day.

# 13.7.04 by Dan
What do Joan Collins, Michael Barrymore, Patsy Riggir, Mickey Rooney, Bryce Courtney, Jimmy Carter, Jon Pertwee, Erik Estrada, Val Doonican, Johnny Cash and Jimmy Smits all have in common?
They've all slept in the same bed as me.
Not at the same time, of course. Michelle won a night away at Cassimir Lodge, near Tauranga. Very very flash. It has only four suites, and we were the only guests there on Saturday night, so we had a chef all to ourselves. Delicious four-course meal.

Anyway - I'm at home crook for the second day in a row. Not so good.
Ah well - It will give me a chance to catch up on some things.

# 8.7.04 by Dan
Anyone want a Gmail account?

# 6.7.04 by Dan
I can think of at least one person to whom this tuanz article on broadband will appeal.

# 6.7.04 by Dan
Yesterday morning, shortly after 8:00am, I handed in the final report for my Engineering Degree Research Project. This is (was) the most last assessment of my course, so, if the report is as hot as I think it is, then I now theoretically hold a Bachelor of Engineering Degree, and will graduate next May.

For those who are not in the know, I first started this degree out of high school in 1995. An horrendously slack attitude and a severe lack of motivation meant that a number of papers were failed, even in my first year. This only served to retard my motivation, and so I inevitably followed the downward spiral. After six years the a four and a half-year course, I gave up on study completely and took up a full time job (as a Lotus Notes Administrator) for three years. Last year the opportunity to take one paper whilst working full time was afforded, and subsequently a B+ grade was realised for 'Systems and Control'.
Given this proof of apparent change in my attitude to study, I went out on a limb, and enrolled full time at the beginning of this year, in the fortunate position of being able to complete all necessary papers over the course of the first semester.

So, here I am. One degree done and dusted. The end of an era. A shaking off of the old, and a step into the new. A veritable weight lifted full from my shoulders. No dark cloud above my head. No nagging voice echoing in the back of my mind at each turn.
It is finished!

# 2.7.04 by Dan
If you've seen the Beastie Boys latest album, 'To The 5 Boroughs', you'll recognise at least part of Matteo Pericoli's pen-and-ink sketch of the Manhattan skyline.
Despite the fact it is really cool, this work is seriously impressive. Go to his site [chur, jason] and check out the work in its entirety. It is most long and its rhymin' and stealin'.

And yay - the browser wars are back (I was going to post links to an assortment of articles, but you're all big kids now, and if google doesn't have possibly the simplest user interface in the world, that means the terrorists have already won).
I've been a sold Mozilla Firefox user for quite some time now. IE have really been left behind. For myself, as a web developer, correct rendering of pages according to the W3C's standards is paramount. Its a bonus that Firefox is also smaller, faster, has cool tabs, blocks popups, has nifty extensions for enhancing and extending its functionality and so much more of the good stuff and so much less of the bad stuff.
Making the transition from IE to Firefox is nowhere near as traumatising as IE proponents would have you think - you'll be won over within the hour.
And to top it off, the last few releases of Firefox have had codenames named after Auckland suburbs - Three Kings, Royal Oak, One Tree Hill, Greenlane - I understand there is a Kiwi on the development team.
So, you stuck-in-the-mud IE users, Kill Bill and start using Firefox today. You'll thank me for it.